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The Mysterious Burger Only McDonalds Staff Know About

McDonald's have impressed burger lovers everywhere with the release of a burger we can't believe we've been living so long without: the Chicken Big Mac.

And now, we've heard rumours that there is ANOTHER reinvented Big Mac burger out there to try but it's a secret that only staff know about.

Well staff and us...and I guess now you! You just need to know what to order. And lets just say this burger is JAM PACKED!

It's called the Land, Sea and Air burger and basically it's a Big Mac with a combination of a beef patty, chicken patty and fillet o fish patty.

You know what this means right? No longer do we have to choose between beef, chicken or fish because you can get the LOT rolled into one! You're welcome.

(I mean we can't guarantee how it will taste with all three combined this way but why not give it a go!)

Think you can handle it? Head on into McDonald's and act like the VIP you are by ordering this gem from the secret menu.

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