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The Bad News About The Wine In Your Luggage

These days, most airlines will offer free alcohol on international flights and it’s rather tempting to have a cheeky glass or two of wine. I bet you didn’t know that wine doesn’t travel well at all! In fact, flying just might be wine’s worst enemy.


The vibrations of the plane and the pressurised cabin can both seriously alter the flavour of the wine you’ve been served or have stored in your luggage.

Wine served in the cabin usually tastes more bitter due to the fact that the cabin atmosphere is about 40% drier than regular and we all know that that can affect the way you taste food and drink.

You’re probably wondering, what about the wine safely tucked away in your checked in luggage?

Well, get a load of this! The micro-vibrations of the plane can have an effect on the wine’s molecules. The flavour molecules are either very tight and can withstand the vibrations, or the molecules get pulled apart by the vibrations and the wine becomes rather dull.

There is a way to save your souvenir wine though. As soon as you get home, put the bottle of wine aside and let it settle for about six month before you pop it open. It should then taste about the same as it did when you first sampled it on vacation.

Never be disappointed by souvenir wine ever again! 


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