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This Is Where You Can Get FREE Nutella Treats In Sydney

If the word NUTELLA alone didn’t intrigue you enough, we’re sure that the word FREE certainly did.

In an event that will certainly turn your average Friday into a Fri-YAY, Nutella are bringing back their highly anticipated Nutella Road Trip for the third year in a row.

And you know what that means? A whole heaps of delicious, chocolatey, sweet treats will be driving into town and it won’t cost you a single dime to sink your teeth into one of them!

The Nutella Road Trip van will be heading to nine lucky spots from the East to West coasts of Australia, thankfully with Sydney being one of them, and it will all kick off on Friday 11th May in Chatswood.


The irresistible menu will include a number of brekkie meals inspired by the hazelnut spread including waffles, crumpets, french toast, bagels, pancakes and even an Acai Buddha Bowl, all covered in various fruits and of course a generous helping of Nutella!

The food truck that can only be described as something that has been delivered to us by the food god’s themselves will be heading to Chatswood Pedestrian Mall tomorrow from 7am-10am.

But if you can’t make it to this location, don’t worry your little chocolate-obsessed mind, because Sydney-siders will get a second chance to grab a snack from the Nutella Road Trip Van on Saturday 12th May from 8am-11am at Peryman Square, Cronulla!

Each meal looks so delicious that it’s not only drool worthy but also insta-worthy and they will be available for free from the van while stocks last!

Why not head on down and try one of these yummy treats for yourself? It’ll certainly be better than just sitting on your couch eating straight from the Nutella jar. At least this way it won’t cost you a penny AND you can get a new Instagram snap out of it while you’re at it! 

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