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Strawberry Pizza Is Here & The World Is Officially Messed Up

Listen, I’d like to think I’ll try anything once.

I’m not overly adventurous, but I’m open to change - and the unusual - MOST of the time.

I’m also a pineapple-on-pizza fan. I enjoy the salty and sweet mix.

I think it’s refreshing, and though many people voice their distain on the matter, I know many people feel me on that. BUT, even I have my limits - and I’ve found it with strawberry pizza.

A photo has emerged on twitter of some CLOWN who has thought it necessary to replace pineapple on their pizza… with strawberries.

Obviously, mayhem ensued.

Before you pipe up - it’s not a Nutella dessert pizza topped with strawberries, it’s a Mozarella-loaded savoury pizza with sliced strawberries BAKED IN.

“I just threw up a little in my mouth,” said one user.

Another said: “The police are on their way, I hope it was worth it.”

I’m with them, that’s GROSS, man.

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