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One Of Australia's Most Popular Foods To Get Expensive

The price of Australia’s family shop is about to skyrocket because of the devastation caused by Cyclone Debbie earlier this year.

The tropical storm wreaked havoc across Far North Queensland in March and will now impact our shopping trolleys, with tomatoes soaring to $10 a kilogramme.

When the 260KM/h winds ravaged the ‘produce capital’ of Bowen, there were concerns that as much as 95 percent of the nation's produce could have been wiped out.

In total, the Queensland Farmers' Federation estimates closer to 20 per cent of crops were lost - with consumers on the east coast only now feeling the $100 million hit.

The increase in grocery costs could be here for quite some time, with produce farmer Wayne Shields saying '(It's) mainly tomatoes, capsicums and beans - all of those crops that were grown on the eastern seaboard along Queensland,' 

'It was the middle of planting season when the cyclone came through, so that pushed everyone's season back by two, three, four weeks.'

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