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No Joke, These New Maccas ATM Machines Dispense FREE Burgers

The future is here and it has fulfilled all of our greatest burger dreams. McDonald's have just introduced a Big Mac machine, and it has been dispensing FREE burgers. 

It's basically a burger ATM.

The magical machine, which popped up in BostonAmerica, offers the iconic Big Mac in three sizes, Mac Jr., Big Mac, and Grand Mac.

All those lucky people in Boston had to do was tell the machine their Twitter handle, and tweet a message saying 'Check out the new Big Mac'. Which we think is most definitely worth doing for a free burger. 

A local Maccas representative told Boston Magazine that the ATM's Big Macs  — which require zero human interaction to order — are just as good as the ones you pick up at the counter. 

Hey McDonald's Australia, can we get these machines down under ASAP? 

Source: US Magazine

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