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Man Calls Police After McDonalds Got His Order Wrong

Hangry is a ruthless emotion - we get it.

And there's nothing worse than when Maccas gets your order wrong, especially if you're having major late night, slightly tipsy cravings for a good burger. 

But this man's reaction is just ridiculous. 

Leslie McDonagh ordered a Big Mac at a Mcdonalds in England after having a few bevvies at his work Christmas party.

But when he found out the burger had onions on it he became enraged.

So enraged that he called the cops. 

The man claimed he got the "wrong meal" and could not eat the burger because of a "severe allergy". 

When the cops arrived, however, they definitely were not on Leslie's side. 

Before the police arrived, he allegedly had tried to fight the manager on duty.

When asked to leave the fast food chain he reportedly fell to the ground and grabbed an officer. 

He then went on to spit in an officer's face... 

As you can imagine, Leslie was taken away by police. 

“Police informed him that his food order being incorrect was not a valid reason to call them and they requested him to leave,” Prosecutor Paul Sumner said during his court hearing. 

“They tried to escort him out of the premises, he’s fallen to the floor and attempted to grab hold of the legs of the officer.

“The police then were able to hold the defendant by his arms in the scuffle and escort him out of the store.

“The officers were struggling with the defendant and whilst they were doing this, he spat in one of the officers face. He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and assaulting an emergency worker.”

He admitted to assaulting an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly in public and was given a $342 fine, a 12 months community order and 120 hours of unpaid work. 

We're guessing he never got that Big Mac - hold the onions. 

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