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It's Official: There's Not Much Yumi Stynes Can't Do

I think we can all agree that there's not much Yumi Stynes can't do.

The writer, television presenter, mother-of-four, and host of KIIS FM's 3pm Pick-Up can also add cookbook author to her repertoire.

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In her very first cookbook, The Zero Fucks Cookbook, we’re given permission to give less of a fuck about food, because this cookbook is all about stress-free scrumptiousness.

Yumi is your accomplished, creative, no-bullshit friend in the kitchen.

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In fact, before her media career started in the year 2000, she thought she was going to be a chef, and worked as a cook in various pubs and cafes around Australia.

Like so many of us, she likes to cook, she likes to eat, and she likes to share good food with the people she loves.

And the joy of The Zero Fucks Cookbook is that in spite of their simplicity, all Yumi’s recipes are kind of impressive: they’re thoughtful, nourishing and crowd-pleasing.

They let great ingredients star and, absolutely best of all, they’re EASY.

I mean, what more could you want? So, do yourself a favour and buy a copy now – you'll thank us later!

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