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Gin And Tonic Marmalade Is Here To Booze Up Your Brekkie

Forget starting your morning with a cup of coffee. Get your morning buzz by starting off the day with some gin and tonic marmalade.

That’s right G&T lovers, you can now SPREAD your favourite drink on toast, a bagel, heck even a crumpet…and it’s apparently socially acceptable to have before 9am! What a time to be alive amiright?

The gin-infused breakfast spread has been created by a company called Firefox and it’s product description states ‘Spread it, drink it, bake with it, or gobble it straight out of the jar’.

G&T marmalade is said to taste almost identical to the actual drink, but the one main difference is that it’s actually alcohol-free. .

“All of the alcohol is cooked off during the creation process,” said Firebox about the popular product on their website.

But I guess the one good thing is that you can have as much of it as you like and won’t get a killer hangover!

We'll take a slice of this on toast any day of the week! Bon appetite!

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