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Australia, We’re FINALLY Getting Hot Chip Vending Machines

If you’re like any other person on earth, odds are you LOVE you some hot chips.

They’re hot, crunchy, overall delightful little morsels of heaven - and it’s pretty much scientifically proven that the average human just can’t stop at one.

Which means that you'll be ECSTATIC to learn that we are going to be seeing hot chip VENDING MACHINES around soon!


Yep, the vending machines will be rolled out across Australia by the end of the year - and the country will hope to gain back what the lockout laws cost us - fun.

A WA company appropriately named the Hot Chip Company will be rolling out these glorious machines, after spending five years developing them and making them perfect.

As we speak, four prototypes are being trialled in Perth and Adelaide - and a spokesman for potato processor Bendotti Exporters explained how the machine works:

"You put your money in and it goes from frozen to the fryer and in your cup within two minutes and 20 seconds."

However, word is the the developers are working to get the time down to just two minutes. If all goes to plan, Australia can look forward to a pleasant surprise by Christmas.


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