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An Underwater Winery Actually Exists And It’s AMAZING

Okay so we'll admit that we'll pretty much take a glass of wine any which way it comes: white, red, sparkling, new, old...

Sorry where was I? Too busy dreaming about wine...oh right yes, wine is pretty much always a necessary part of our lives, whether it's at a fancy dinner or just your casual tuesday night on the couch watching Australian Ninja Warrior.

And so when we heard that a new way of aging wine had been developed in Croatia, well we were all for it! (And I mean I seriously considered booking a plane ticket just for this...)

A winery in Edivo Vina, about an hour from Dubrovnik, is not your usual field of vines, but it's actually UNDERWATER!

This unique winery uses a technique that allows their bottles to ferment aboveground for three months before transporting them to the bottom of the ocean for a further two years!

Apparently this technique creates a perfect quality wine because the ocean allows for a consistent aging temperature as well as the required dark and silent environment.

And if you're particular about that perfect drop, you can actually venture down below yourself to explore the underwater winery and pick out your favourite bottle.

Another added bonus? The bottles look so damn cool we would suggest finding some extra space in that suitcase to bring one of these bad boys home!

After spending two years below the surface these old fashioned clay bottles look fit for King Neptune himself covered in beautiful shells and coral.

Now all we have to do is save our dosh for a European holiday!

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