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A Taco X Croissant Hybrid Exists And It’s Too Delicious

In a food fusion that’s just about as exciting as they come, a taco and a croissant have been made to breed - and together have created an incredible hybrid - named, the ‘Tacro’.

Okay, that sounded somewhat creepy - but it’s true, and the ‘Tacro’ may just change your life.

A bakery in San Francisco called ‘Vive La Tarte’ are responsible for the mash-up that’s taking Instagram by storm.

Made with a crunchy croissant shell on the outside, you can currently pick between three different fillings, including pulled pork, chile chicken with avocado, and barbecued jackfruit - what the?!

Vive La Tarte's chefs are also considering adding a breakfast version to their line-up.

Something to look forward to on our next holiday.

Keep in mind, these babies normally sell out without HOURS, so before you start looking up flights, I’d try making your own at home.

Lightly fry a croissant that’s been cut in half (taco shape) and once crispy and flaky, add your own fillings.

It may not be as good, but hey - I’m not that picky.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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