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Why This Woman Is Mad at Her Sister Will Infuriate You

A woman has shared her rage online because of the names her sister has chosen for her children.

According to Mirror Online, the mum-of-two took to Mumsnet to share her story and ask other parents for advice.

"I have two sons: Hayden and Oliver.” The mum wrote.

The mum said how her sister copied her son’s name by calling her daughter ‘Hayden.’

But here's where it gets a bit more weird - and you can totally see why she would be irritated by her sister's behaviour.

"My Oliver is 2 months and she is the third trimester of her pregnancy and has announced he's an Oliver. 

Other mothers were quick to sympathise saying she was not being unreasonable at all.

"She's either really lacking in imagination or not quite right," one wrote.

Another replied: "Your sister is a f***ing fruit cake and I think you need go insist she chooses a different name."

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