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Parents Furious About This ‘Children’s’ Product

Parent’s are furious after an online Alcohol-Free shop was found to be selling a range of Disney branded non-alcoholic champagne.

The product, which is being marketed in the UK and Europe, is listed under a “children’s drinks” section on the website with the product described as a “delightful bottle of bubbly” that comes with a “cork that pops to add sparkle to any party.”

The Alcohol-Free Shop Managing Director Christine Humphreys has hit back at the claims that the product is irresponsible, pointing out that you need a credit card to purchase from the site, therefore eliminating the sale to children.

“They’re not promoting alcohol, they’re promoting Disney,” she said. “We’re not selling to children. We’re an online’s perfectly harmless.”


According to, while there is no evidence the drinks are available for sale in Australia, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Policy Manager, Geoff Munro, said the “wine-like” product would spark opposition because it is being sold as if it is alcohol.

“The imagery on the bottle clearly targets children and would attract children,” he said.

“The product is wine-like, it is described as champagne-like, and the shape of the bottle approximates bottled wine. It offers children a pseudo-alcoholic drink and thereby suggests to children that they should be attracted to drinking alcohol.”


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