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Our Male Pets Are Breaking Our Stuff.... On Purpose!

Our pets are our world, but occasionally they push our boundaries.

We’re talking, chewing our favourite shoes, knocking over our drinks, even swallowing our CAR KEYS..…

According to a recent report by SquareTrade called “Pets Break Stuff Damage Report,” Americans have spent over $14.6 billion fixing devices damaged by their pets…


The report warns us that male pets are more inclined to break our stuff than female pets and they tend to do this on purpose!

Yep! Bored pets are most inclined to damage your things on purpose, as the report explains that "73% of damages occur because of ‘Pet Boredom’."

We suggest you hide your tablets and phones because the report also claims that our personal gadgets are your pet's favourite target.

“59% of SquareTrade users said their pets have destroyed at least one phone.”

“Male pets made up 63% of the tech wreckers, with more than 55% of the culprits being small in size and middle-aged (58%).”

So, if you’ve got a 6 year old male Frenchie….You’ve been warned!


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