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How To Keep Your Pets In Shape

Does your pet rely on you for exercise?

Have you been slacking off over winter, and therefore your pet has gotten less exercise? 

If you've noticed your pet has put on weight, good nutrition will help set things right by summer.


In the real world, we don't always have time to prepare healthy meals for ourselves - let alone our pets!

There are plenty of great pet food options out there, some of which are formulated with reduced fat content, or for senior and less active dogs. 

Steven Deveraux-Stanford, CEO & Founder of Ivory Coat Companion Goodsrecommends you steer clear of any foods that contain grains or wheat. 

"Removing the grain makes way for more meat and vegetables," he said. 

Exercise, of course, is important. Mr Deveraux-Stanford says to make sure you're paying attention to any signs that your pet may be craving more activity.

"If you need motivation to get moving, just look into those big eyes and read what your pet is saying – take me for a walk, right now!"


Pleeeaaase can we go for a walk?!

Cats, of course, are notorious for scowling. So if they need exercise, they won't guilt trip you with innocent puppy eyes. 

"Give an outdoors cat more time outside to exercise, but keep them in at night" Mr Deveraux-Stanford advises.

"And if you have a house cat, there are many interactive toys available, to keep them active through play." 

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