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Here’s How The Animals Of Sydney Kept Cool This Past Weekend

Anyone living in Sydney would know that it was an absolute scorcher on Sunday. The New South Wales heatwave was so intense, it managed to smash a 79-year-old record for highest temperature when Penrith in Western Sydney hit a toasty 47.3ºC in the afternoon. 

Everyone was struggling to keep cool and it wasn’t just the humans of Sydney that needed cooling down. The animals of Sydney were in equal need of a cool down. From wildlife to pets, animals flocked to the shade and water for a bit of a refreshing chill. 

Here are some of the best posts showing our animals trying their hardest to cool down over the weekend thanks to some human help.

Many animals out there struggle to survive in intense heat so it’s helpful to them if we leave out a bowl of water or provide a shaded area for wildlife. It’s also extremely important to ensure your pets are well looked after too and that the concrete is tested to see if it’s safe for the sensitive paws of our cats and dogs. 

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