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Has Kmart Finally Been Dethroned As Our Homewares Fave?

Has Kmart finally been knocked off its homewares thrown?

It looks like that could be the case judging by Cotton On Home’s latest collection!

While the retailer is better known for their clothing apparel, this could very well change things if the excitement in our own office is anything to go by.

From blush pink hues to furry textures and organic cottons, the range builds on Kmart’s trademark range.


However, you will pay for it.

While it’s definitely far more affordable than the designer cushions you’ll see on The Block, expect to drop more than you would at the discount retailer.

It’s range of cushions kick off at just under $20, with the top of the line, fluffy Lottie cushion’s will coming in at nearly $70.

Whether it's worth it or not - we'll let you decide!

Check out the full range here.

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