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The Amazing Way The Internet Helped This 2-YO Autistic Boy

Two-year-old Parker has a blanket that is very special to him - he cherishes it like a favourite toy. 

Parker has autism, so this precious blanket, that he has been cuddling up to since the day he was born, is an important form of comfort and stability for him.


(Image: Crystal Eldrige) 

According to his mum, Crystal Eldrige, whenever Parker was upset, he would wrap the blanket around himself.

“With autism and sensory sensitivity, he becomes very fixated on objects. It’s a source of comfort for him."

After all the love and cuddles Parker has given the blanket, his mum noticed it was beginning to deteriorate. Panicked, she knew she needed to find a new one to keep her toddler happy.

Crystal was devastated when she discovered that the blanket had been discontinued and nowhere to be seen in stores or online. 

What happened next is an example of just how powerful social media can be.

Crystal turned to an online community of mums called 'Delicate Flower'. Christine, the owner of Facebook group, vowed to post Parker’s story EVERY day until they found a blanket for him. 


As a result, Parker not only has his original comfort blanket, he now has two spares!

One woman in the group had the blanket, which she had also been gifted at her son’s baby shower, and she wasn’t using it because her son had a blanket of his own. Another woman from Florida who works at an early childhood centre also happened to have it.

"It truly takes a village when having (autistic children,)" said one of the donators. "I just wanted another mother to know, 'Hey, you're not alone, I totally get you.'

"Both ladies have made me such a happy mum," said Eldridge.

Do you have a similar story to share? Tell us below! 

Source: Little Things

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