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Aussie Mum’s ‘School Station’ Is Being Hailed As ‘GENIUS’

An Aussie mum is being celebrated today, as her innovative ‘school station’ does the rounds online, inspiring other mums to take note in order to make their own lives easier.

Melbourne mum Belinda Hampson was sick and tired of her two kids, 8-year-old Lily and 5-year-old Kai not being able to find what they needed for school each morning.

An issue that saw them take 40 minutes to get out the door for school each morning.

Belinda devised a plan to make this morning routine a breeze, and the central idea was just putting everything they needed for school together in one place.


The area, or ‘school station’, is separated into two sides; one for Lily, one for Kai, and has everything they need to get ready for school, including a drawer for each day of the week; a locker for bigger items and a colour-coded schedule to stick to - with matching clock.

Since trying out the new concept, the kids’ have been ready for school in literally HALF the time; just 20 minutes.


'The kids love it, they try to beat each other finishing the tasks.

Putting it all in one spot it is so much easier... and stress free,' Belinda said.

'Letters home from school always got put somewhere and the kids couldn't remember where, and school uniforms, bags and lunch boxes were all in different locations — so I brought them all together,' she told News Corp.

She has also created a study in the dining room, so that the children can complete their homework in a well set-up space so that they can take pride in their work.


'The response I've had from other parents has been amazing — I hope it has help inspire a few mums out there and help them and the kids,' she said.

All up, the implementation of the stations cost around $200 all up, with all items coming from either Bunnings or K-Mart.

Source: Daily Mail

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