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Aldi Just Launched the Best Product We Have Ever Seen

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to dress up like the Michelin Man, now you can, thanks to bargain-supermarket chain, ALDI!

They have just launched a bizarre padded bodysuit titled ‘Sleeping Bag OneZee’.

Just in time for Winter, you can purchase one of these bodysuits for just $69.99, from the German discount store until sold out.

The new camping fashion statement is attracting a lot of attention online from some people who assumed it was an April Fools gag, following the Saturday April 1st launch date.

However, an Aldi spokesperson has however confirmed with 7 News Online saying "it's definitely a real thing".

Facebook user Keith Follow wrote; “When I go camping and fall over drunk, I can just stay where I am and snore with the rest of the animals,”

Would you wear one of these quirky new body suits?

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