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How to play / rules

1. Listen for the clues on air

Every weekday be listening to KIIS at 7.30am and across the day to hear the clues guiding you to Kyle and Jackie O’s House Of Cash

2. Like KIIS 1065 and The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for even more clues

More clues means more chances of you getting your hands on the $50K so jump on KIIS 1065’s social network and join the conversation

3. Search for Kyle and Jackie O’s House Of Cash

Piece together the clues and find the House of Cash during the bounty period (6am to 6pm each day)

4. Knock on the FRONT door and ask “Is this Kyle and Jackie O’s House Of Cash”

To win the cash you just need to be the first person to knock on the front door of the House of Cash and ask the question, “Is this Kyle and Jackie O’s House Of Cash”?

You must be 18 or over to play.
Please be mindful of your safety and use general caution when searching for the House Of Cash.