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Zac Efron As Serial Killer Ted Bundy Is Unnervingly Flawless

When we first heard that Zac Efron would be playing serial killer Ted Bundy, not gonna lie, we couldn’t really see it.

Now, any doubt has been blown out of the water with this photo from the set of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile that Efron tweeted out on Thursday.

 Shortly after Efron’s “Meet Ted” tweet, Lily Collins, who plays Bundy’s longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, posted her own picture to Instagram with the caption, "Meet Liz."

Meet Liz...

A post shared by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

Bundy, a narcissist and sociopath, used his good looks – and a fake cast or sling – to lure women into his 1968 Volkswagen Beetle… and to their grisly deaths.

The story will be told from the perspective of Kloepfer, who only faced the truth about her killer boyfriend as his execution, in 1989, drew near.

John Malkovich will play Judge Edward Coward, the man who presided over Bundy's televised trial and sentenced him to death in 1979.

Safe to say that Efron is about as far away from his High School Musical days as you can get.

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