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Embrace your body and swim nude at the Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim!

Have you ever felt like life is a little dull? Or that you'd like to celebrate overcoming one of life's challenges? Or say "enough" to the pressures or negativity in your world? Over past two years more than 1,000 people have used The Sydney Skinny to do one or more of these things...

So, what's so special about this ocean swim? It is NOT a race and it's only 900m (or you can do the 300m nudie novice instead), it's at a protected & calm beach in one of Sydney's hidden gem locations.

What do you feel post swim? Elation, self-belief, joy, a sense of belonging and appreciation for all that we have in this life. The Sydney Skinny is one swim where each participant takes away their own unique experience.... why? Because it's for you, to make it about you, and what you hope to continue in life.  

Don't worry - the beach is NOT open to spectators for the duration of the swim. 

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