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Woman's Act Of Kindness For Elderly Neighbour Of 21 YEARS

Lucy Ashen had lived beside her frail, elderly neighbour for more than 20 years before she accidentally discovered the "absolutely horrific" condition of the older woman's flat.

It wasn't until Ms Ashen stepped in to help when the pensioner was locked out that she realised how much she had been struggling; according to the 39-year-old, her neighbour hadn't washed for 13 years and was barely surviving in the "filthy" house.

"I've known for a while that she was living in pretty bad conditions, but it's taken me a long time to gain her trust for her to let me into her house," the mother-of-three explained.

"She got locked out one day and I pulled her bedroom window open. What I found was horrific - totally horrific. I was speechless.

"There were faeces everywhere. There was lots of furniture everywhere and cushions upside down.

"No-one should ever be left to live like that," Ms Ashen continued. "She has no family and no friends."

And so, in an exceptional act of neighbourly kindness, Ms Ashen spent the next 10 days scrubbing the house from top to bottom, filled the woman's cupboards with food and re-furnished the rooms. 

"I gutted the entire place. I left her with a bed and a toilet," the good Samaritan said, before revealing that she had received a huge amount of donated goods from people who had heard about the situation.

"I think it really touched a nerve with people. This could be your mum. This could be you. It could be me in a few years."


Some of the before and after shots of the flat

Ms Ashen also bathed the woman, who she fondly calls "My Lady" and fixed her television, which had been stuck on a foreign language for four years.

"I think she appreciates it," she said. "I've been in her flat every day and my children have been in and out too.

"She's coming out of herself bit by bit. She's been singing songs with my daughter... She truly has been saved from a lonely and degrading life.

"[And] the good thing about this is that it's bigger than her or me or anything. It raises awareness of mental health and elderly isolation."

Photos via Facebook

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