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Woman Fined For Parking In Her OWN Driveway

A Melbourne woman has been fined for parking in her own driveway.

Tanyia Johnson and her family have been parking in the same spot without a problem for nearly 60 years, so you can imagine her shock when she discovered a $93 ticket on her car last week.

The fine claims she was blocking a driveway – her own driveway which leads into her own backyard.

The ticket read: “Stopped on or across a driveway or other way of access”.

Her neighbours were also hit with tickets during what can only be described as a parking fine blitz between February 28 and March 1.

The tickets were given for all vehicles blocking driveways and parking on nature strips.

The council says it was an offence to park on or across a driveway, or to park on nature strips or footpaths.

City Planning, Design and Amenity Director Jody Bosman told there were four fines issued between February 28 and March 7 in the avenue after receiving a number of complaints.

“The nature strips are being damaged and in some cases motorists’ line of sight was blocked or obscured by illegally parked vehicles,” Mr Bosman said.

However, Tanyia believes she’s done nothing wrong, and is intending to fight the fine.

 “It’s a joke,” she told “For 57 years I’ve parked in that driveway. We’ve never had a problem.”

And her neighbours are backing her, also planning to fight the fines they’ve been given.

Watch this space.

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