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Woman Documents Amazing 55kg Weight Loss & Shares Her SECRET

Elora Harre had an operation one year ago to have 2.5 KILOGRAMS of excess skin removed from her body.

The New Zealand girl lost an incredible 55 kilograms before the procedure, and documented everything on her blog as it happened.


Surgeon Dr Cat Begovic completed the surgery and waived her usual fee of $11,000 

One year on, Elora has just released her first book; The Shrinking Violet, which shares a further insight in to her life, weight loss process and surgery that she hadn't shared anywhere before.

Elora said In an interview with No one has ever heard my full story so it was really good to be able to write about my childhood, up until present day on what led to me being over weight and how I lost it.

The book contains health and weight loss tips as well as more than 50 Paleo recipes.

Here are her top tips:

Research: Read everything you can, form your own opinions, do what think is best for your body, not what anyone else tells you. When you know why you’re doing it, you become unstoppable!

Be organised: Meal prep has been my best friend. I spend around an hour on one of my days off work preparing all of my food for the working week

Do what you love: So many people hate exercise, but I find if you do what you enjoy then you’re far more likely to stick to it. 

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