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Woman Assaults Bar Staff After DJ Refused To Play Fav Song

Everyone loves when the DJ plays their favourite song, and also hate it when they don’t.

But one Aussie woman has taken her song request being declined to another level. 

Raquel Theresa Hudson grabbed a bar worker by the neck and punched a security guard in the face, after the DJ refused to play her favourite song at her work Christmas party.

The 44-year-old was partying with colleagues when she was asked to leave the venue because she was too intoxicated.

She then scratched the manager, ripped her necklace off and then slapped her in the face, before punching the security guard in the face. 

Raquel has since been sacked over the incident, as well as receiving a $600 fine and 12-month ban from the hotel.

She pleaded guilty to assault and assault causing bodily harm over the attack, in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday.

But we still can’t help but wonder… What was her song request?

Source/images: Daily Mail

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