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Why It's Better To Be Single, According To Science

While everyone in a relationship is bragging about their loved ones on Valentine's Day today, take a second to spare a thought for those without partners.

Actually, never mind… According to science it’s actually better to be single.

While I could personally rattle off a million and one reasons why it’s better to be single, science has now confirmed what we knew all along.


Bella DePaulo, a scientist at the University of California actually researched the topic and found endless reasons for the argument that single life is life.

She claims that single people value meaningful work more than married people, and are also more connected to the people around them. Sounds about right.

“When people marry, they become more insular," DePaulo explains.


She also discovered that single, self-sufficient people are better off because they are less likely to experience negative emotions.

And her claims are backed up by some pretty rock solid stats which show there are more single people out there than ever before.

Now that’s something to celebrate!

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