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Why It’s D Day For Thousands Of Aussie Mobile Phone Users

This Thursday is D-Day for thousands of Aussie mobile phone users with Telstra set to switch off its 2G network.

It marks the beginning of the end for those phones that still use the old network, with Optus and Vodafone planning to follow suite.

While December 1 will see Telstra users cut off, Optus customers have till April 1 and Vodafone customers to September 30 next year.

Up to 250,000 Aussies will be affected by the shutdown.

And it’s not just the older phones that will be caught out.

Telstra is warning that some customers with modern phones may not realise their SIM card is 2G.

They’re advising people either look at the actual SIM or check if the phone says it’s using 2G, GPRS or Edge next to the signal bars.

Once the network is shutdown, it is believed users will be unable to even make emergency calls.

Some medical devices and security alarms are believed to also be affected by the change.

The networks say they have been advising customers of the shutdown.

It’s been two years since Telstra first announced it planned to do away with 2G.

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