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Where To See The Biggest And Best Vivid Sydney Lights

Well Sydney, it's that time of year again, where our already beautiful city is covered head to toe in incredibly intricate and technologically innovative lights.

Yep the Vivid Light show is back, and this year we are set to see some seriously IMPRESSIVE displays.

Artistic director of Vivid Lights, Ignatius Jones, has spoken of the event saying, "My whole philosophy is to make every Vivid look bigger and better than the year before."

But if you're anything like me, trying to navigate your way through the thousands of people that crowd the streets each night, while making sure that you don't miss out on the biggest and best displays, is no easy feat.

Well, no need to worry, because we've compiled a list of the best Vivid highlights and the places to find them!


Urban Tree 2.0: During Vivid, Architect Harry Seidler brings the Commercial Travellers Association Building to life, with bright and colourful animations of exotic creatures that Jones describes as "staggeringly beautiful".

Twelve-Tone: This interactive attraction allows visitors to release their inner composer, with 12 poles that use innovative sound and light technology to create their own musical melody.

Re/FRACTION: Featured on the Lloyd Rees Fountain in Martin Place, this installation transforms the gushing water into a curtain of glistening light, with animated characters behind it. This is set to be one of the most mesmerising displays of the festival.


Magicians of the Mist: In another technological combination of water and lights, this attraction uses top of the range pumps to spurt 28 tonnes of water into the air each minute, with the stories of three scientific pioneers appearing on the screen of mist.


Electric Forest: This installation was created through a combined effort of Tafe students and designer-mentors Nicholas Tory and Mark Hammer, that decorates trees with the likes of fruits made of flashing lights.


Robowars: Head over to the cargo hall at the Overseas Passenger Terminal to catch a glimpse of homemade robots battling it out to the death. If you're after an attraction jam packed with excitement (we're talking robots sawing each other in half) this one's definitely for you!


Lights for the Wild: Calling all animal lovers! While the real animals might be sleeping, you can still head over to the zoo to check out some of the world's endangered animals in light form, including the Asian elephant, a Sumatran Tiger and the Tasmanian Devil. This one is also interactive, allowing visitors to walk through swarms of light up bees and PJ, the 20-metre Port Jackson Shark!


Steampunk Waterworld: Come see the heart of Chatswood transformed before your very eyes into a retro-futuristic "steampunk" cityscape, with audio-visual experiences for people of all ages. One of this installation's main features is a massive virtual pumping engine made from interactive lights.


Dreamscape: For all those budding designers out there, this one's set to be one of the biggest interactive displays of the festival (and it is actually in the Guinness Book of Records for the world's largest interactive light displays). It allows anyone to create their own displays and project them onto nearby buildings.


Cradle: Created by Ashley Corbett-Smith, this scientific attraction uses giant glowing spheres that change colour whenever they collide to illustrate the relationship between momentum and energy.


Trapdoor: Even the city's newest development is participating in this year's vivid display, with one of the craziest optical illusions you may ever see. Created by Sydney's Spinifex Group, this light display allows the floor to open up below you to reveal a sea of volcanic lava!

Well, if you aren't already exhausted from reading all of that, get your crew together and get ready to head out to Vivid between May 26 and June 17.

Happy exploring!

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