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Bachelorette Contestant Hooks Up With A Survivor Contestant

He may not have found love with Georgia on The Bachelorette, but it seems intruder Todd Jesson may have just been on the wrong reality show.

The 26-year-old has set tongues wagging after posting a loved up photo to Instagram with Survivor star Brooke Jowett.

The photo shows the pair arm in arm at the Polo and in true Insta style Todd is seen laughing, while Brooke flashes a smile. What’s most intriguing is the loved-up hashtags, including ‘#myboo.

Brooke was quick to comment on the post, writing ‘these hashtags are amazing.’ Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants also joined the conversation. Megan Marx commented ‘STEAMY’, while Cam Cranley added laughing emojis. 

Ring ring. Hello? @courtneydober @brookejowett @kelllllllllllllyyyyy what a weekend with legends.

A photo posted by Todd Jesson (@toddjesson) on

Following the Polo the reality TV stars were seen kicking on to an event held at a warehouse owned by Bachelorette contestant Courtney Dober. The group were photographed bizarrely posing with fruit. Whatever floats your boat...

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