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What We Thought While Watching Kiss Bang Love..

A new show premiered on Channel 7 this evening and it's like nothing we have ever seen before.

It's called Kiss Bang Love.

The premise is pretty simple, one person kisses 12 people blindfolded and then chooses the best 5 kissers to take to the next round.

Once they have done that, they then kiss those 5 people again but this time they are allowed to see them.

Then they pick 2. They have a 24 hour date with them before deciding which one to go on holiday with.

It's all about whether you can fall in love based just upon a kiss.

It makes for interesting TV and we sat someone down to get their thoughts during tonight's premiere.

Here is what they thought;

1. Within the first words we are on first kisses.
2. I remember mine. Miranda, I was 9 at a school disco 
3. Everyone was watching

4. We have met our woman, Lisa
5. She has 12 guys to kiss  
6. Nothing but the kiss will decide if she likes them 
7. Some of them look weird. 
8. Others are HOT AFFFFFFFF. 
9. So after the first kiss, she will kiss them with no blindfold.. 
10. Then go on a date 
11. Then choose one. 
12. This is going to be long isn’t it. 
13. Lisa is a barmaid and clearly a talker. 
14. She’s hot but can’t open champagne even though she works in a bar 
15. Her friends are making her sound amazing.. I mean what else are they supposed to do. 
16. She wants a guy who will give her butterflys. 
17. Probably have to go the zoo to the enclosure to get them 
18. All the boys just folded their arms on cue. This is like a bad 90s movie.

19. She is nervous to kiss. If you can’t see them, why nerves?
20. She’s got no perfume on. She’s a no go for me. I quit 
21. Guys aren’t good at dressing themselves are they? 
22. The first kiss is Josh. 
23. Josh is like, perfect. 
24. I love dramatic music, especially for a kiss. 
25. Like how dramatic can a kiss be? Its not like it’s the notebook 
26. The walking towards each other to kiss is HILARIOUS 
27. Like it’s three steps and they took 5 seconds. 
28. It’s a long kiss, she’s touching his face.. 
29. They might be in love 
30. They both felt a connection. 
31. Imagine if it’s a connection that fails.
32. It could be the new Telstra 
33. Jaxon is next.
34. I’m call it, she’ll say no. 
35. He’s not hot enough. 
36. This one is awkward.
37. Did she go tongues? 
38. I think she went tongues.
39. Sicko 
40. WAIT. She liked it. I mean.Wow. 
41. Now we are seeing awkward kisses. 
42. One just pecked.  
43. A peck. 
44. Now we are meeting Jake. 
45. He’s a performer and already annoyed me to the moon and back.
46. He’s never had a girlfriend. 
47. He’s killing it in shorts. 
49. It’s not that hard.
50. Now he’s strangling her. 

51. He gone
52. He gone 

53. Will she end up with pash rash after all these kisses? 
54. We are going through with a guy who writes erotic novels..
55. She doesn’t like, too much tongue. 
56. Erotic tongue though. 
57. One guy pushed her away.
58. What guy even does that? 
59. There’s a mole! 
60. He’s her plumber and she already likes him.. 
61. Is this cheating. 
62. Ryan is hot as though. 
63. Got a problem with Ryans chinos. 
64. He could go down a size. 
65. This is a real good kiss 
66. I can see it just from looking at it 
67. They are in love already. 
68. I am calling it, he is the winner. 
69. Finally we hit the last kiss.  
70. Travis.  
71. I hope he sings ‘why does it always rain on me’. 
72. I love that they turn the lights off in the room even though they can’t see each other. 
73. Travis has killed that kiss.  
74. He bit his lip after, he’s really into it. 
75. Now Lisa has to pick 5 of the 12 kisses. 
76. She still can’t see them when she picks, so it’s purely down to the smack on the lips. 
77. I only care about Ryan. But his name isn’t Ryan, she gave him a different name. 
78. The ugly guy made it though. 
79. THE PLUMBER MADE IT. David is Ryan.
80. I could cry. 
81. But I won’t 
82. Anyone got any chocolate? I am getting really into this. 
83. So now its down to 5, so blindfolds off to kiss them just eye to eye, lip to lip, can’t think of anything else to say to describe it. 
84. Josh is back with no blindfold, she said it was memorable last time.
85. Josh is like super hot. Like model hot. I’ll take Josh if I have to. 
86. I dunno about the second kiss with Josh. Like it’s less touchy. 
88. Sweaty palm guy who I missed as I went to the loo is back.
89. He’s not a looker but is a good kisser and he’s confident. 
90. God he’s a good kisser  
91. Just not josh in looks.
92. Jaxson is here and I know her reaction already. 
93. He’s awkward so much, like his hands are together. 
94. I just can’t deal with his awkward hands. 
95. JAXSON move your hands. 

96. Travis is next and he’s nice but like, she’s a city girl and he’s a country boy. 
97. Didn’t know this was farmer wants a wife. 

 98. Now here’s the mole.
 99. She won’t go away from him.
 100. He’s still my surefire winner
 101. They go straight in for this kiss. 
 102. Like full on necking
 103. She gets 24 hours to decide who take on a date
 104. How many times can you go over a kiss in your head.
 105. Like it’s not that hard Lisa.
 106. Jaxson bought her a single rose to the decision 
 107. AND HE’S IN.
 108. What a wildcard.
 109. Like his hairs weird and I don’t mean to be nasty but… new hair.
 110. She took him to golf
 111. She can’t swing

112. She’s a disaster
 113. If the other date is the plumber, then he’s won because Jaxson is awkward 
 114. She wants a best friend and like they are getting along but I can’t deal with Jaxson.. it’s too matey
 115. After heaps of games they went to watch a sunset.
 116. This is ultimate cheese.
 117. It’s not fun to watch a sunset, it gets cold too quickly.
 118. They didn’t bring a blanket that they could wrap themselves up in.
 119. Be better prepared.
 120. Dinner was oysters.
 121. They are an aphrodisiac so it could be on here, everyone.
 122. He’s brought his guitar with him.
 123. Sorry Jaxson, it’s too much.
 124. It’s too awkward.
 125. No go with the guitar.
 126. One last kiss. It’s a full on pash.
 127. Could Jaxson win it? NAH surely not.
 128. Oh wait, they spend the night together?
 130. Cereal for breakfast.. there’s your comedown.
 132. Oh my word.
 133. She’s taken the plumber, I can tell from the arms in the ’’coming up next’’.
 134. I know arms like there’s not tomorrow.
135. I am so team Ryan right now
136. She’s taken him on a cocktail making course.

137. Like, this is a boring date.
 138. If someone told me that’s what we were doing I would leave
 139. Imagine if you had no co-ordination.
 140. Ryan has showed off his ironing skills
  142. She looks amazing in a striped dress
  143. Keep hold of her Ryan.
 144. He can’t use chopsticks
 145. Neither can.
 146. Again, I WILL TAKE RYAN.
  147. They stayed in the same bed too..

148. I mean, did she.. you know 
149. It’s decision time… 

 150. She’ll choose Ryan.
 151. It’s so obvious
 152. Jaxson really thinks it’s him but like, really mate.
 153. Look at the guy who is stood next to you
154. He’s hot af.
 158. I can’t marry Jaxson.
 159. They are holidaying to Noosa together.
 160. Well, screw you guys.
 161. Hope you live happily after.
 162. Now we are in post holiday chats
 163. If they aren’t still together then he’s all mine
 164. They are catching up.
 165. Why do I feel like my heart has been broken? 166. Can someone introduce me to Ryan.

Can we just look at the happy couple one last time?



Kiss Bang Love continues on Channel 7, next Tuesday at 8:45.

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