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We've Found The Next 'Mud Jeans' Rip Off & It's 10x Worse

We thought that Nordstrom selling muddy jeans for almost $500 was bad...

Then we saw this. 

Neiman Marcus are selling a designers 'distressed' high top sneakers for the incredible price of AUS$2040.34!!!

The shoes looks like they've been attacked by a hedge trimmer or put into an industrial sized blender before being stapled back together. 

But apparently it's still considered 'fashion'. 

We don't know anyone who would buy these... but if they are for sale then it's most likely that at least one pair have been sold. 


According to the site the avant-garde fashion brand have been working with deconstrutionist designers since the 1980s to "define luxury under radical new terms".

"In conjunction with the influential Antwerp Six and pioneers like Comme des Garcon's Rei Kawakubo, Margiela challenged the boundaries of convention, turning out extreme proportions, deconstructed designs, and conceptual pieces made from found objects like trash bags and seat belts," the site explains.

"Though the famously reclusive Margiela is no longer with the label he sold in 2002, his distinctive vision is as relevant as ever, influencing a new generation of mainstream and directional designers alike."

Still not tempted to hit 'add to shopping bag'... 

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