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Wedding Photographer Reveals Alls

Wedding photographers are not only exceptional at making the bride and groom look a million bucks, but it seems they’re also pretty good at picking which relationships will last and which won’t.

They’re one of the first people to interact with the newly married couple and according to photographers there’s a lot you can tell from those first interactions.

One wedding photographer revealed over the course of four years, 20 of the couples he photographed ended up filing for divorce. He joked he should rebrand his business ‘Kiss of Death Photography Inc.’

Another photographer said he caught a groom on his phone as he walked down the aisle and …wait for it… he was wearing jeans. Needless to say his bride was not happy. He’s almost certain that marriage didn’t last.

Apparently, the ritual of cutting the wedding cut is a big sign about the success of the marriage. One photographer said those couples that forced cake into each other’s mouths and almost never worked out, while those that share the cake are the ones that share a tender and loving marriage

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