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We FINALLY Know What Made That Cake Float On Zumbo!

We finally know what made the Willy Wonka hat, almost identical to the one Gene Wilder wore in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, float.

On Zumbo’s Just Desserts last night, two contestants were challenged to make the dessert.

The cake, which was the centre of promos all through the Olympics, had 880,000 Australian’s tuned in to finally figure out what made it float!

And well, it was magnets.

Two very strong magnets were put opposite each other, one on the plate of the cake and another on a holding mantel and because of their negative attraction to each other, it caused the cake to float in the air.

Contestants were left shocked when they first saw what they had to create and it made Ballarat mum Kate fail to meet the brief.

It took three hours for the contestants to make the cake and for Micky, it was the end of the road as he failed to make two desserts on the show.

Seven aspiring dessert makers remain in the show.


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