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WATCH: The Joyous Result Of A Preschool In A Nursing Home

This heartwarming video of preschool children playing in a nursing home is going viral for all the right reasons.

In an effort to combat loneliness among the elderly - according to the video, 43 per cent of older adults experience social isolation, which is closely associated with depression as well as a decline in mental and physical health - a playschool temporarily relocated to the assisted living facility.

And we can't tell who is having more fun; the two generations can be seen helping each other make lunch, playing with a parachute and reading to each other in the sweet clip.

"You know how you love somebody and they give you something..." one resident can be heard saying, before wiping away tears. "You know how hard it is on your heart."

The project takes place at the Intergenerational Learning Center in Seattle, Washington; the filmmakers who tagged along to record the beautiful afternoon said that despite the difference in their years, the children and the elderly seemed "closely aligned".

Watch the gorgeous video above - and just try not to get teary.

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