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The Most Awkward Question To EVER Be Asked On First Dates

Couples who sign up for First Dates are clearly after one thing, the perfect match, right?

Well, it seems single mother and self-proclaimed ‘milf’ Lisa, 35 and former army man Ryan, 30, knew exactly what they wanted on last night's episode.

The couple got on so well on their date, but it was very cringeworthy as they tried to figure each other out.

At one stage, Victoria-based Lisa asks Ryan if he had a ‘small package’ before Ryan quickly assured her that he was well endowed.

'Are you sure there are no faults with you? Should I worry that you've got a small package?' she brazenly asked him. 

'No, you should not worry about that,' Ryan replied, smiling.

In a piece to camera away from the date, the hunk - who hails from NSW- said he think’s he is the perfect catch.

'I think I'm the full package and I have a full weapon down below.' 

The question was apparently all that was on her mind, with Lisa confessing to the camera that it is a big deal for her whenever she dates someone.

'This is pretty embarrassing, but it's really important to me that he is well endowed,' she admitted.

'No little cocktail frankfurts' she added.

Ryan didn’t hold back about Lisa’s personal attributes either, asking at one stage whether she had ‘fake boobs.’’

'Do you have fake boobs?' he quipped after the pair talked about the size of their nipples. She said she didn't but then told him she was only joking. 

The divorcee made Ryan laugh, and he laughed to camera: 'They are amazing!' 

Ryan eventually paid for the meal and the couple agreed to go on a second date before sharing a quick kiss on screen.

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