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"Voice From The Stone" Will Chill You To The Frickin' Bone

We're more used to seeing Emilia Clarke as the absolute badass Mother of Dragons on Game Of Thrones, but the British actress is bringing some seriously freaky vibes in the trailer for her latest flick.

Somehow, Voice From The Stone has managed a to find an even creepier way to feature a semi-possessed child in a horror movie; when Emilia's character arrives to look after a little boy who hasn't uttered a word since his mother's death, she winds up a) infected by his dead mum's ghost and b) trying to prevent the deranged little murderer from killing himself and everyone around him.

Oh, and it's all set in old-timey Tuscany, so there's plenty of dimly lit rooms and cracked stone walls to contend with too. 

Everything is spookier by candlelight, right?

You can check out the whole trailer in the clip above; keep an eye out for how disturbing Clarke looks towards the end of the movie. 


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