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Clarkson Dancing With Daughter River Will Make Your Week

Move over ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s a new charitable video trend that is gifting the internet an array of viral-worthy videos.

The best thing, it’s all for a good cause. The Diabetes Dance Dare is raising awareness for (you guessed it) diabetes and celebrities are getting on board in their droves. 

Kelly Clarkson, along with daughter River Rose, have just set the bar for cuteness sky high. Challenged by actress Melissa Peterman the video shows Clarkson and adorable River Rose in baseball caps.

The former American Idol winner starts the video by challenging the cast of The Voice to take part. Shot in Clarkson’s kitchen the adorable duo begin dancing to Salt-n-Pepa’s iconic clarion ‘Push It.’ The 34-year-old remarks how the song is “totally inappropriate for a two year old.” 

Talk about cuteness overload! 

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