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Vagina-Knitter Is Back With A New Project

You may remember a few years ago, a woman made headlines after she began knitting a scarf using wool that came out of her, erm… nether region.

Casey Jenkins attracted all sorts of comments and became a target for online trolls who called her ‘gross’ and an ‘attention w****’, among other things, when she debuted her project in 2013.

The project involved her knitting wool from her vagina over a 28 day period, which included her menstrual cycle.

People were shocked and many were offended by the display at the time.

Now, she’s back with a brand new project called ‘Programmed to Reproduce’, in which she hopes to use her unusual method to knit each comment and discuss social shaming.

‘Intriguingly, most of the negative commentary came from people who presented as women, the very people who would themselves be the target of abuse if they ever stepped into the spotlight in a way not deemed to support dominant culture,’ Ms Jenkins said in a column for ABC.

‘It made me reflect on the immense power our society has over us; that many would rather be complicit in a system of behaviours ultimately detrimental to them, than dare to challenge it.’

Ms Jenkins said it was apparent that most of them drafted their comments without seeing her original performance piece or looking at her work online.

'I have hacked old knitting machines to digitally reproduce the online abuse I received using yarn partially dyed by menstrual blood — this will be a nod to the robotic, machine-like way we are judged by society and the roles we play in perpetuating that system,' Ms Jenkins said.

Source: Daily Mail

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