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Toddler Left With Mum's Body For TWO DAYS After Sudden Death

A heartbroken three-year-old boy was found saying "I can't wake Mummy", two days after his mother Lydia Macdonald suddenly died at their home.

According to The Sun, little Mason Martin had been alone in the apartment since his 28-year-old mum's fatal asthma attack, surviving on a block of cheese he had found in the fridge.

A panicked friend raised the alarm after realising she hadn't heard from Lydia in a few days, informing Lydia's mother Linda and paying a visit to the flat.

After spotting Mason through the window and convincing him to open the door, Lydia was found to have died in her sleep, her inhaler in her hand.

The Scottish hairdresser had been diagnosed with severe asthma as a child, Linda explained.

"She would be in and out of hospital, rushed in ambulances," the devastated grandmother said. "By her teens she would be hospitalised at least five times a year with severe attacks.

"[But] Lydia was always sensible about her condition and always carried an inhaler."

Even more tragically, Mason's father had also died suddenly when the child was just eight months old.

"Lydia was devastated," Linda continued. "She would show Mason photos of his dad every day and told him he was the biggest star in the sky watching over him.

"She struggled with her grief but Mason gave her a reason to carry on."

A year before Lydia died she had suffered such a severe attack that she had to be resuscitated, Linda told The Sun.

But the young mum refused to let her condition control her life.

"Lydia was so strong and independent, she passed that onto Mason and somehow he managed to feed and water himself for all that time," Linda said. "We are now bringing up Mason and tell him every day that now his mummy is with daddy and they're both the brightest stars in the sky - and despite everything, he's doing fantastically."

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