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Tinder Love Rat EXPOSED As His Victims fight back

If you thought you had a nightmare Tinder experience, spare a thought for this woman.

Daisy Armstrong swiped right to 29-year-old Brett Joseph this year and the pair began dating. Little did she know it would all end six months later with her out of pocket and heartbroken. 

Daisy claims she's been duped by the 'charming' fraudster and has set out to warn as many women as she can, creating a social media campaign to expose the 29-year old. 

Brett's real motives were revealed when Daisy's concerned family began investigating the too good to be true Mudgee man. They discovered an old A Current Affair story which claimed Brett was a liar and fraudster, who went by the false name of Hunter Baillieu.

Source: Facebook

Brett's lies didn't end there, according to A Current Affair he claimed to be the heir of the Myer fortune and said that he had appeared in Water Rats and the movie The Nugget

His lies became even more sinister, when it's alleged he offered to donate $12 million to Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital. He was so convincing he was invited to the opening of the hospital's new cancer centre, where he met Delta Goodrem and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. But, the hospital says the money never came through. 

After Daisy's social media campaign went viral, at least 50 women have come forward claiming to have been conned by the New South Wales man who they met on Tinder

'My goal is to get this man's face and story all over social media so that other girls don't get caught out, conned and left heartbroken the same way I have been,' she wrote. 

'I am not the first girl he has done this to – and if we don't get his face out there then I won't be the last.'

Source: Facebook

Other victims claim Brett has been using photographs of Daisy's family's property and her father's plane in an attempt to woo them. 

'He is extremely good at claiming others hard work and success as his own,' Daisy wrote.

According to Daisy, Brett also goes by a number of aliases including, Brett Jay, Brett Johnson, Reg Brett, Brett Ingham, Brett Jones and a number of others. So, be careful ladies!

There are reports NSW police are now investigating. 

Watch A Current Affair exposed the alleged fraudster: 

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