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Thrill Seeker Tries To Catch Shark, IMMEDIATELY Gets Bitten

A video of two men wrangling a shark has made the rounds online today due mostly to the way it ended.

Two men tried to pull a shark that was hooked on a fishing line toward the shore - and it didn’t end well.

Grabbing onto the shark’s tail, the men tried to pull the small tiger shark that was hooked on a fishing line towards the shore in North Caroline on June 29.

The short clip shows one of the men trying to grab the shark’s tail, but he failed, and it was able to swim a short distance away.

Stay with me… That’s when he tries again to grab the shark, but it whips around and bites him on the hand.

The ocean fills with blood around him and the man quickly retreats back to shore holding his injured hand.

The roughly 4-foot-long shark was eventually pulled near the shore and had the hook removed before it was released back into the ocean, according to WWAY.

There is currently no information about the man's injuries.

When emergency officials arrived to the pier, the man had already disappeared.

Source: Daily Mail

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