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Woman Makes Herself The Biggest Star Of The Melbourne Cup

This could be the finest moment in Melbourne Cup history.

A slightly worse-for-wear racegoer has tried to interrupt a broadcast after she found a wallet.

It all happened as journalist Phil Wilmington was attempting to film a cross back to the studio when a woman can be seen bending over in the background to pick up the missing item.

At first, it looks like she will walk away but then seems to have a better idea and walks over to the camera crew.

In what can best be described as slurred speech, she tells the reporter ‘Channel Nine, I think you need to know somebody has lost three dollars.

Trying to hand the wallet over, she adds: 'Can you give that to the rightful owner?' 

A shocked Wilmington tells her ‘I probably wouldn't be able to find them.'

he then suggests handing it over to the security guard but before he can finish the sentence she interrupts him.

‘No, it's important. How dare you?' she adds, incensed and his response.

Before she could continue, however, her friends came and dragged her away.

There has been no update on the wallet since the event.

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