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This Six-Year-Old Is Facing DEPORTATION From Australia

A six-year-old girl is facing deportation to the UK after she became the only member of her family to be denied Australian residency based on an unnamed medical condition.

British-born Sienna Tippett has lived in Lennox Head in Northern NSW since she was 10-months-old but when she and her family applied for permanent residency in April 2015, a commonwealth appointed doctor deemed Sienna ‘’a burden to the Australian community" and denied her request for a visa.

Sienna’s parents, Kai and Hayley Tippett, are fighting to have the ruling overturned so that the family of five, can remain in Australia.

"One fail, all fail," Mr Tippet said.

"As a parent, you teach your children that everybody is equal and not to discriminate against anyone," he said. "Then the Australian immigration undoes everything you have taught your children - in our case labelling our little girl as a burden."

The Tippetts are strongly disputing the claim and say that Sienna’s condition only affects her balance and speech and not her cognitive ability.

Their little girl already attends a support unit within a mainstream school, and the family is not eligible for carer’s allowance or a pension as they are over the asset threshold. "Sienna doesn't cost any more than our 16-year-old and our 13-year-old," Mr Tippett said.

Sienna still has no diagnoses and every test that has been carried out ‘’come back clear.’’

If the case does not get overturned, then the family will be forced to leave their support system and home in Australia, something Mr Tippett fears will cause his daughter to regress.

"She is learning Auslan," he says, "which is only used in Australia." If they are returned to the UK, Mr Tippet said Sienna would be unable to communicate with others until she learnt a completely new sign language.

The family lost their appeal in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal court on July 19 – a process that cost them $1700. "Apparently, they cannot go against a Commonwealth doctor's decision," Mr Tippett said.

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