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Scene From Exorcist 3 Described As "Scariest Ever"

What makes the perfect scare? Are you more of a pop-out-from-behind-the-door-and-yell-boo fan, or do you prefer a thoughtful build-up with anticipatory music and a surprise twist?

Everyone has their own scary sweet spot, but Reddit reckons it has nailed down the one horror movie scene that's guaranteed to make any movie-goer jump.

The scene in question is from the 1990 supernatural flick The Exorcist III and was generally bagged by critics, but the one-minute clip is enough to send shivers down even the most avid horror fan's spine.

"Fuck that scene," one user wrote. "Had nightmares for weeks because of that one scene. God I love horror movies that mess with your mind and don't rely on fore and loud noises."

The Nurses Station scene - in the clip above - shows a nurse entering a locked room after hearing a scratching noise, even though everyone knows that you should never, ever move towards the noise.

Obviously, it doesn't end well, and now we're afraid to ever turn our back on a door again.

WHY don't people learn?!

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