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This May Be The Funniest Letter From A Teacher Ever

Kids have wild imaginations. 

Most of the time, teachers and parents alike encourage such behaviour.

But in this instance, a child's imaginary friend has led to an interesting letter from the teacher... and we can't stop laughing!

The letter starts out innocent enough. 

"[Your 10 year old son] and a few of his friends often make up characters, give them amusing names and then they have exciting adventures at playtimes," it reads. 

"However, it has come to our attention that one of the characters has the name 'Wildo the Dildo' and this has, I am sure you can understand, raised some concerns with us."

According to the note, none of the involved students actually know what a dildo is, but they do realise it is an inappropriate word. 

It was allegedly a term "picked up in the playground."

We can't get images of small children running around yelling about the adventures of 'Wildo the Dildo' out of our head. 

We wonder what Wildo got up to? 

I guess we will never know. 

At least the boy's dad Paul Hunt found the situation funny.

He tweeted, "this letter, that was sent home from school today is the funniest thing I've ever read." 

His post has garnered 1.6k retweets and 2.7k likes since it was posted yesterday. 

So it seems 'Wildo the Dildo' really is gaining a cult following. 

Some are suggesting it become its own franchise - even suggesting other playground friends to join the crew. 

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