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This MAFS Star Is Looking For Their Long Lost Sibling

We ALL love a good long lost sibling story, and this one happens to be about a recent reality TV Star!

Just days ago, MAFS star Nick Furphy took to Instagram to try and locate a potential long lost sibling.

The post reads to his 59.3K followers, “Reaching out to Lesley Gould. Dad told me there is a chance I have an older brother or sister”

“He doesn’t even know. Something happened back in 1978 in WA (magic)”

A post shared by Nick Furphy (@nick_furphy86) on

Nick is yet to hear from Ms Gould, but has been met with an overwhelming level of encouragement from his followers.

One user, gemm68 writing “Good luck… I have just found out I have a sister (my mum had a baby and had to give her up for adoption) I’m 48 and my sister is 61 she lives in Italy and in August I am going to Italy to meet her. Don’t give up on your search.”

Another writing “We found my partners daughter who was adopted in 1977 last year on”

“It took 18 days wow it was amazing we are so happy she in our life good luck 😊” -Lynnlush

We wish you all the best on your hunt Nick!

P.s Lesley Gould, if you’re reading this, get in touch!

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