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Letter Sent Home By An Australian Pre-School Divides Parents

A letter has been sent home from an Australian preschool telling non-working parents they need to pick up their children earlier has outraged mums and dads.

An image of the letter was posted to Facebook with the caption ‘What would you do if you were a SAHM (stay-at-home mum) and asked to pick your child up earlier because they didn't have staff, or didn't want to pay overtime to staff? Is this reasonable or discrimination?

The preschool has not been named, but the mother who posted the note has told KidSpot that non-working and working parents pay the same rate at the centre.


The letter has divided parents, with some believing the preschool is providing special conditions for those who work.

‘’If you pay for a full day of child care you should be entitled to that full day regardless of what you are doing, they should not be dictating specific times you have to pick up your child based on what they think you should be doing with your time,' one Facebook user wrote. 'Since when is a parent who stays at home considered to be not working,' another frustrated mother commented.

However, many have agreed that the new policy is ‘common sense.'

'Totally agree! If you're not working there's no reason your child shouldn't be picked up by 4 pm latest,' wrote one understanding user.

Another mother commented: 'I don't find it offensive and I don't think it's discrimination if I weren't working I would be happy to pick up my kid when they suggested.' 

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